S1: Episode 2: Stroker Ace

May 25, 2018

In the second episode of this season we get back behind the wheel with Burt Reynolds with Hal Needham back behind the camera in the 1983 race car disaster “Stroker Ace”. This movie has everything you expect from the team of Reynolds and Needham. It includes car chases, car crashes, misogyny, sexual assault, attempted murder, bar fights, illogical plot structure and general disappointment.

Stroker Ace fans are anything if not devoted. They don’t undertand that no shirts, no shoes, no service is merely a suggestion. They don’t have an issue with using the middle finger to express this displeasure of their favorite racer not performing on the track. And for the gentlemen in the blue shorts on the left, he goes so far as to give it the full “One Palm Ace Ventura” when his favorite racer fails to deliver.

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