S11: E5: Terminator: Dark Fate

May 21, 2020

Arnold is back in this sequel to T2 that ignores all other Terminator sequels that came before it. Skynet was destroyed but somehow the future is still full of time-traveling robots with a blood lust for future underground militant leaders. This movie plays all the hits, “I’ll Be Back”, “Come With Me if You Want to (Live)” and “(Gimme’ Your Clothes Cuz’) I Time Travel Naked”. It’s everything you want in a Terminator movie, only disappointing. This episode is proudly presented in STEREO because that’s an option.

Special thanks to Matti Viisainen who provided the acapella Terminator theme used in the show open. His incredible work was the glue that pulled the whole show open together. You can hear more of his brilliant and creative work over on his YouTube channel.

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