S12: E5: Tales from the Crypt presents: Bordello of Blood

August 14, 2020

Dennis Miller and Angie Everheart headline the frightfully delightful and terribly campy “Tales from the Crypt presents: Bordello of Blood”. Everhart gives it her all and Dennis Miller couldn’t care less. But you are in luck because this episode is full of history behind the Tales from the Crypt comic books, an overdue Whoopi Goldberg impression plus Corey Feldman and someone who looks like, but isn’t, Corey Haim shows up. Join us as we join the Crypt Keeper for skin crawling puns and a most unpleasantly hilarious time as we welcome you to EP 5 of this season’s theme “As Seen on TV” featuring 6 movies all inspired by TV shows.

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