S19: E1: Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

January 21, 2022

Steven Seagal stars in “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” to kick off Season 19’s theme “Die Hard Ons” featuring six movies that all rip off the original “Die Hard” movie. And this is a special type of “Die Hard” rip off, because it’s the sequel to a “Die Hard” rip off and sets “Die Hard” on a train. Katherine Heigel shows up in an early role alongside Morris Chestnut to do battle with the movie’s bad guys Eric Bogosian and Everett McGill. This movie is one of the most 90’s era action movies you’ll see when it comes to 90’s era action movies. And it’s a real stinker! Join us as we head down the tracks to and see Steven Seagal bake a cake and kill people.

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